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This is a wiki space set to help translating the Universal Cyrillic Decoder. See the Homepage for details.

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Interface settings

titletag="Universal online Cyrillic decoder - recover your texts"
metadesc="A free online tool for decoding and recovering scrambled text into Cyrillic alphabet"
metakeywords="recover,decode,decoder,decypher,scrambled,cyrillic, latin,cp1251,utf,koi8,kirilic,kirilica,kirilitsa,codepage"
title="Universal Cyrillic auto-decoder"
pastetext="Paste here the text to be decoded"
serviceby="A service by"
cleararea="Clear area"
clearareaquestion="Are you sure you wish to erase the text area contents?"
selectencoding="Select encoding"
trywith="Try to identify"
lookslike="The text looks like this"
selecttext="Select one"
selectoption="Select the successfull sample"
testall="I don't know, test all combinations"
displayed="displayed as"
nooutput="The resulting text will be displayed here..."
about="About the program"
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linktothissite="Please link to this site"
linktothissitetext="Universal Cyrillic decoder"
postcardtext="If you find the decoder usefull, you can send me a paper postcard with a view from your city/place. This will encourage me to keep improving it."

Help information

Welcome! You may find this site usefull, if you have recieved some texts that you believe are written in the Cyrillic alphabet, but instead are displayed in some strange combination of bizarre characters. This program will try to guess the encoding, and if it does not, it will show samples, examples of all encoding-combinations, so as you will be able to select the good one.

How to

  • Paste the text to decypher in the big text area. The first few words will be analysed so they should be (scrambled) in supposed Cyrillic.
  • In the select-listbox "The text looks like this" choose the option that is most similar to your text. The shown variants are the most frequent problematic pre-encodings.
  • If you don't know which variant to choose, press the button next to "I don't know, test all combinations".
  • The program will try to decypher the text and will print the result below.
  • If the translation is successfull, you will see the text in Cyrillic characters and will be able to copy it and save it if it's important.
  • If the translation isn't successfull (still the text is not in Cyrillic but in the same or other unintelligible characters), you can choose from the newly created select-listbox the variant that is in Cyrillic (if there are more than one, select the longest). By pressing the button OK you will have the correct text converted.
  • If the text is not totally converted, try all other variants in Cyrillic from the select-listbox.


  • If your text contains question marks "???? ?? ??????", the problem is with the sender and no recovery will be possible. Ask them to resend the text, eventually as an ordinary text file.
  • There is no claim that every text is decypherable, even if you are certain that the text is in Cyrillic.
  • The analyzed and converted text is limited to 20 KiB.
  • A 100% precision is not always achieved - in a conversion from a codepage to another code page, some characters may be lost, like the Bulgarian quotes or rarely some single letters. Some of this depends on your Windows Clipboard character handling.
  • The program will try a maximum of 4725 variants in two or three levels: if there had been a multiple encoding like koi8(utf(cp1251(utf))), it will not be detected or tested. Usually the possible and displayed correct variants are between 32 and 255.
  • If a part of the text is encoded with one code page, and another part - with another code page, the program could recognize only one of the parts at a time.

Terms of use

Please note that this freeware program is created with the hope that it would be usefull, but has no warranty, not even an implied warranty for fitness for any particular use. Please use it at your own risk.

If you have very long texts to translate, please make sure you have a backup copy.


I am gratefull to the kind people who helped me with translations of this page. Big thanks to:

Other translations are in preparation at this page.

What's new

See page in English language for the program changelog.

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