Here you can see and try the Cookbook:Flipbox recipe.
You can flip check boxes and checklists quickly, without editing or reloading the page.
You need a modern (post-1999) browser with JavaScript enabled.

Note that this page uses a custom added icon for a [q] flipbox state. Read the documentation on how to enable this on your wiki.


* [_] One
* [x] Two
* [x] Three
  • 1 One
  • 2 Two
  • 3 Three

One "x" or "_". The status (todo-done or on-off) of these checkboxes is automatically saved to the wiki page without reloading the page.

You can reload the page to see that your changes were saved.


Browser only, not saved

* [__] Four
* [__] Five
* [xx] Six
  • 4 Four
  • 5 Five
  • 6 Six

Two "x" or "_". These checkboxes are only flipped in your browser, the wiki page stays as it was.

No flipping

* [___] Seven
* [xxx] Eight
* [___] Nine
  • 7 Seven
  • 8 Eight
  • 9 Nine

Three "x" or "_". These checkboxes are not flippable.

You can mix them

* Any... [x] ...where
* [xxx] Eleven
* Click [__] me!
  • Any... 10 ...where
  • 11 Eleven
  • Click 12 me!

Included pages and text variables

There is currently no sure way in PmWiki to know the position of the flipbox if it is in another page (included or PageTextVariable). For this reason, editing flipboxes in included pages is disabled.

(:include Flipbox2:)
  • Just a test of an included stuff. 13 will not work from another page.
  • 14 this can be flipped, browser only, even from another pages.
  • 15 End of the test.

Variable: This 16 will not work from another page. These 17 18 will work, browser only.


This 19 will not work from another page. These 20 21 will work, browser only.

function:StopWatchHTML 1