Not Saved Warning for PmWiki

Demonstration of the Cookbook:NotSavedWarning recipe.

To test the recipe, edit this page, change some text field, then click on a link that goes away from this page, like the History link above (and not on a "Save" button).

You can also press "Preview" or "Save", without entering an "author name". In that case, a "prompt box" will remind you to add it.

Small text

Use the space below the line as a sandbox. test


Whats up doc?

Many Wiki newbies don't see the request to enter an author name and wonder why PmWiki refuses to accept their edit. If the request pops up, they can't miss it.

Testing... now with ie7?

Another ie7?

Right, with ie6, pressing a GUIedit button launches the NotSaved warning....

Testing Chrome on Linux

Test from Firefox How can I mess this up? It can be defeated if both the author field and the summary field are empty

Empty summary field without author too

Test with Safari 6.0.2... working.


0: 00.00 MarkupToHTML begin
1: 00.02 MarkupToHTML end
2: 00.03 MarkupToHTML begin
3: 00.06 MarkupToHTML end
4: 00.07 MarkupToHTML begin
5: 00.07 MarkupToHTML end
6: 00.07 now